Waste Management

Sydney Bobcat has found ways to revolutionise building sites by improving ways to help ensure building sites remain clean and tidy thus reducing impacts to the environment by blow away debris into drains and stormwater. SBP also believes that a clean site is a safe site, with minimal to no waste on the building site it limits the risk of injury to other trades thus complying with the state governments OH&S policies and regulations. SBP is focused on recycling and its benefits to the environment by minimising the amount of rubbish that is taken to landfills, this is achieved by practicing the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Sydney Bobcat does everything in its power to minimise the amount of waste we transport to landfill, with special arrangement made with our Waste Management Centre aswell as other recycling centres SBP can recycle over 80% of all waste collected.

How we recycle:

Timber – This includes frame, truss, batons, unused pallets, brace boards, ply and any timber used on your site.

Timber is turned into mulch and used the following ways:

Used for garden mulch, erosion control, crossovers, water absorption, construction walk ways, landscaping, etc.

Masonary – This includes materials such as bricks, roof tiles, cement sheet, ceramic tiles, blue board and shale.

Masonary is crushed into different sized aggregates and used the following ways:

Backfilling drains, agg pipes, construction walkways, rock base for driveways, construction crossovers, etc


Plasterboards are crushed into dust and used as fertilisers, with its high gypsum content it is mainly used to break down clays in the soil to provide better water retention and promote healthy plant growth.